A Wunderlist alternative that helps you focus on tasks that matter

Matterlist is a to-do list app that helps you deal with long, overwhelming to-do lists.
Focus on what you can do right now!

Less Clutter, More Focus!

Long to-do lists are scary and overwhelming.
Matterlist helps you declutter your lists... you can focus on tasks that matter right now!

Features to Help You Focus

Infinite Calendar:

Add tasks to days where they belong, so they don't clutter your Today list.

Instant postpone:

Declutter your list by snoozing irrelevant tasks for minutes, days, weeks or months.

Automatic Contexts:

Hide tasks from your list based on external conditions, such as location.

First-class subtasks:

They can be postponed, assigned a priority or a due date, just like regular tasks.

Robust recurring tasks:

They work just like regular tasks: postpone, delete or edit them freely!

Separate hide-until & due dates:

Keep your to-do lists free of “due date pollution”.

Multiline tasks:

Write tasks down in as much text as you want, without worrying about truncation.

Import from Wunderlist:

Matterlist was built as a Wunderlist alternative, so you will feel at home.

Can I import my tasks from Wunderlist?

Yes, you can. Microsoft announced that they will shut down Wunderlist, and people are looking for alternatives. Matterlist is a Wunderlist alternative, so you’ll feel at home:

Try Matterlist Now

Matterlist comes with native, platform-specific apps for iOS and Android. Native apps take longer to develop but they feel smoother and faster. Try them out and see for yourself: