A Wunderlist alternative that helps you focus on tasks that matter

Matterlist is a to-do list app that helps you deal with long, overwhelming to-do lists.
Focus on what you can do right now!

Recent Updates

We’re working hard to release Matterlist. Both mobile apps are almost done, and we’re making good progress on the web app, which should be ready soon. Here’s what’s new:

July 21, 2020: Updated the iOS app to fix problems with Dark Theme.

May 5, 2020: An Android app update (automatic Contexts) is out on Google Play.

May 4, 2020: The subscription price lowered to $2.49 per month.

April 6, 2020: The iOS app is released and available in the Apple App Store.

March 28, 2020:  The Android app update (including fully-featured Contexts) is in pre-release testing.

February 12, 2020:  The web app is in internal testing (not yet publicly available).

Less Clutter, More Focus!

Long to-do lists are scary and overwhelming.
Matterlist helps you declutter your lists... you can focus on tasks that matter right now!

Features to Help You Focus

Infinite Calendar:

Add tasks to days where they belong, so they don't clutter your Today list.

Instant postpone:

Declutter your list by snoozing irrelevant tasks for minutes, days, weeks or months.

Automatic Contexts:

Hide tasks from your list based on external conditions, such as location.

First-class subtasks:

They can be postponed, assigned a priority or a due date, just like regular tasks.

Robust recurring tasks:

They work just like regular tasks: postpone, delete or edit them freely!

Separate hide-until & due dates:

Keep your to-do lists free of “due date pollution”.

Multiline tasks:

Write tasks down in as much text as you want, without worrying about truncation.

Import from Wunderlist:

Matterlist was built as a Wunderlist alternative, so you will feel at home.

Can I import my tasks from Wunderlist?

Yes, you can. Microsoft announced that they will shut down Wunderlist, and people are looking for alternatives. Matterlist is a Wunderlist alternative, so you’ll feel at home:

Try Matterlist Now

Matterlist comes with native, platform-specific apps for iOS and Android. Native apps take longer to develop but they feel smoother and faster. Try them out and see for yourself: