A free to-do list app that helps you focus on tasks that matter

Matterlist is a free to-do app for iOS and Android that helps you deal with long, overwhelming to-do lists.

Matterlist is Now Free!

Starting July 25, 2021, Matterlist becomes a free app. From now on, it will be available free of charge. All premium features will be free for everyone. No subscriptions, no ads, no in-app purchases.

There’s another significant change: we are shutting down the sync servers. From now on, Matterlist will store your tasks on your device only. However, it now includes export and import commands that let you backup and restore your data anytime you want.

Less Clutter, More Focus!

Long to-do lists are scary and overwhelming.
Matterlist helps you declutter your lists... you can focus on tasks that matter right now!

Features to Help You Focus

Infinite Calendar:

Add tasks to days where they belong, so they don't clutter your Today list.

Instant postpone:

Declutter your list by snoozing irrelevant tasks for minutes, days, weeks or months.

Automatic Contexts:

Hide tasks from your list based on external conditions, such as location.

First-class subtasks:

They can be postponed, assigned a priority or a due date, just like regular tasks.

Robust recurring tasks:

They work just like regular tasks: postpone, delete or edit them freely!

Separate hide-until & due dates:

Keep your to-do lists free of “due date pollution”.

Multiline tasks:

Write tasks down in as much text as you want, without worrying about truncation.

Export and Import:

You can export your database for manual backup, and restore it via import.

Start Using Matterlist

Free of charge, no subscriptions, no ads, no in-app purchases. Get the app for your phone: