A Wunderlist alternative that helps you focus on tasks that matter

Matterlist is a to-do list app that addresses the key problem of Wunderlist and its existing alternatives: anxiety-inducing, overwhelming to-do lists. The solution: focus on what you can do right now.

Import from WunderlistNEW!

Microsoft will shut down Wunderlist, but don’t worry — you can import your Wunderlist account into Matterlist. Import includes tasks (with their ordering, stars, due dates and notes), recurring tasks, subtasks and lists. Try it now — Matterlist can be a Wunderlist alternative for you:

Why Matterlist Exists

There are thousands of to-do apps. Why build another?

We built Matterlist because none of the existing to-do apps successfully address the issue of keeping your lists relevant to the reality of your life. You have a lot of tasks, but at any given moment only a few of them can be done — the rest just waste your attention. Matterlist helps you stay focused on tasks that matter right now.

Focus on What Matters

Long to-do lists are scary. Writing everything down is key to productivity but can make your to-do list overwhelming. Matterlist gives you tools for hiding irrelevant tasks so you can quickly focus on the tasks you can do right now.

Unique Features

What makes Matterlist stand out among other to-do apps:

Infinite Timeline

Every day on the timeline is accessible — select one, and you’ll see tasks for that day. The timeline also displays recurring tasks for all future days.

Robust Recurring Tasks

No more walking on eggshells around recurring tasks: Matterlist lets you postpone, edit, or delete them without fear of messing up future recurrences.

First-Class Subtasks

Subtasks in Matterlist are proper tasks with due dates, notes, and priorities. They can be edited, deleted or postponed just like regular tasks.

Automatic ContextsBETA

Automatically show or hide tasks from your list based on an external condition: e.g., Are you at a specific location? Is the weather nice today?

Matterlist as a Wunderlist Alternative

Microsoft announced that they will shut down Wunderlist, and many people are looking for alternatives. Is Matterlist a good Wunderlist alternative for you?

The answer is “Yes.” Matterlist is certainly a viable Wunderlist alternative. Its look and feel will be instantly familiar to Wunderlist users, but it’s not an exact Wunderlist replacement. Keep reading to find out if it's for you.

7 Tips for Being Productive with Matterlist

Get 80% of productivity for 20% of effort.

Capture everything, Always stay in Today, Swipe the clutter away, Don't overuse due dates, Word tasks properly, Break down complex tasks into subtasks, Use recurring tasks.

Beautiful Native Apps

Try them now: it’s free, no account needed!

We decided to develop Matterlist as two native (i.e. platform-specific) apps for iOS and Android. Native apps take longer to develop but they feel smoother and work faster. Why not try them out and see for yourself?