Multiline To-Do Items

The ability to write out your tasks thoroughly is essential to your productivity. Yet many existing to-do apps, (including Wunderlist), insist on single-line to-do items that get cropped when their text reaches the edge of the screen. This pressures users to shorten their to-dos.

Another inconvenience of single-line to-dos is that they pressure app interface designers to reduce font sizes and to cramp user interface elements (such as task checkboxes) to free space for the task text. This makes these interface elements difficult to hit with a quick finger tap, resulting in an unpleasant experience for people who have less-than-perfect eyesight and less-than-perfect piano fingers.

Matterlist’s multiline to-do items solve both of these problems. It allows us to use a a comfortable, easy-to-scan font and properly spaced UI elements which are much easier to hit with a finger.

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