7 Tips for Better Productivity Using Matterlist

1. Capture everything. Write down each and every task you have. Don’t worry that your list will get too long and overwhelming — Matterlist was designed to deal with to-do list overload.

2. Always stay in “Today.” The “Today” view is your “homepage” in Matterlist. By default, your tasks will accumulate here, so you won’t miss anything.

3. Swipe the clutter away. Can’t complete a task right now? Hide it until a more convenient time. Simply swipe it away, tell it when to show up again, and forget about it. Focus on the tasks you can do right now!

That’s it! By applying the above practices, you will significantly increase your productivity with Matterlist — in fact, you’ll be 80% more productive with only 20% worth of effort. And, if you want to get even more out of Matterlist, try these next four tips:

4. Don't overuse due dates. Reserve them for hard deadlines. If a task doesn’t have to be done by a particular day, leave it dateless — Matterlist is friendly for dateless tasks.

5. Use actionable wording for tasks.“Bob” is much less informative than “Brainstorm gift ideas for Bob’s birthday.” You can do this in stages: write it down as “Bob” first, and refine the text later.

6. Break down complex tasks into subtasks. If you don’t immediately see a clear path towards getting a task done, it may be a sign that it needs to be broken down into smaller subtasks.

7. Automate your life with recurring tasks. If you do something on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, create a recurring task for it. And if your routine ever changes, you can easily postpone, delete, or edit the entry without worrying about messing up any future recurrences.

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