Plans and Pricing
Infinite timeline
First-class subtasks
Multiline to-dos
Instant postpone
Cloud sync
Completed tasks150 / monthUnlimited
Recurring tasks10Unlimited

Free Plan Explained

  • 150 completed tasks per month: You can’t complete any tasks after you reach the limit. You will still be able to create new tasks, edit them, postpone them, and delete them.
  • 10 recurring tasks: You can’t define more than 10 recurring tasks, but you can complete any number of their recurrences (completing them counts towards the monthly limit on completed tasks).
  • 5 contexts: You can’t define more than 5 contexts, but you can use any number of them in any number of your tasks.

Will I lose any data if I downgrade from Pro to Free?

No. After the downgrade from the Pro plan to the Free plan, all the data you entered will be fully retained. All Contexts and Recurring Tasks you created while being on the Pro plan will remain in your account and will continue working as before even if their number exceeds the limits — you just won’t be able to add more Contexts or Recurring Tasks.

Importing from Wunderlist under the Free plan

You can import your tasks from Wunderlist while on the Free plan without any limitations. Even though the Free plan has a limit on the number of recurring tasks, they will all be imported and will work as expected. However, if your Wunderlist account had more recurring tasks than the Free plan allows, you won’t be able to create new recurring tasks unless you upgrade to Pro.

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